Distressed Elephant Tramples Tourists at Night Safari’s Live Animal Show

 | Mon 16 Nov 2015 08:12 ICT

CityNews – Tourists were trampled by a startled elephant during a live animal parade at the Chiang Mai Night Safari on November 14, injuring nine tourists including a pregnant woman and a young boy.

night safari elepant

Sarawut Srisakun, director of Pinkanakorn Development Agency and manager of Chiang Mai Night Safari, executives of Chiang Mai Night Safari, and Dr Kittipong Sareewong from Chiang Mai Klaimor Hospital met the press at Chiang Mai Night Safari, following the incident where a 23-year-old elephant became startled during a live animal parade, resulting in nine injured tourists.

According to Sarawut, whilst on show, the elephant named Lamduan became alarmed and suddenly charged a group of tourists who were watching the show.

Nine tourists including a pregnant woman and a young boy were injured and rushed to Chiang Mai Klaimor Hospital.

Four tourists remain in hospital with severe injuries but all are stable. The remaining were sent home with minor injuries.

Chiang Mai Night Safari will take care of all injured tourists.

Sarawut said the elephant probably became alarmed by camera flashes from tourists. However, according to other reports, the live animal parade had a selection of big cats present near the elephant, all in an enclosed space surrounded by people, which resulted in the animal becoming distressed.