Discovery of Buddha-hand Shaped Papaya has Villagers Lining up for Lottery numbers

 | Tue 8 Oct 2013 12:13 ICT

CityNews – On 7th October it was reported that a Lamphun woman Suphap Piachart (62) found a strange looking papaya in her garden. On second inspection Suphap realized she had stumbled upon a fruit shaped in the image of the Buddha’s hand.

Click here for an image of the holy papaya

Suphap told the Thairath that she had not been in the garden for quite some time, but one day she decided to have a look around and she came across the fruit Buddha-hand.

It didn’t take long for local villagers to get news of the fruit. A man brought a ladder and picked it from the tree, but not before the papaya was waiied ceremoniously.

Soon flocks of villagers came to see Suphap’s papaya. People remarked how it looked like Ganesh (elephant-headed god). Suphap walked around the village asking people if they had ever seen anything like it before and each person agreed it was indeed a strange fruit.

It was then settled that the papaya would bring good fortune to people. In no time locals were visiting Suphap’s house to worship the fruit and ask for good luck, especially good luck concerning this week’s lottery numbers.