Directors of tourism-related associations meet to discuss coronavirus fallout

 | Thu 20 Feb 2020 16:09 ICT

Director and General Manager of Thai Credit Guarantee Cooperation, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, president of the Industrial Tourism Association of Thailand, director of Thailand Tourism Business Association, director of the Thai Hotel Association, director of Thai Travel Agents Association and other heads of important tourism related bodies joined a meeting to discuss the future of Thailand tourism in face of the current coronavirus scare.

Most of the meeting was dedicated to discussing how the current crisis is affecting the entire tourism sector and discussing how each association or group could cooperate with one another to assist each other during these hard times. There was talk of setting up a SME fund to support smaller tourism businesses who are struggling, extending loan terms by up to five years to assist in cash flow for many affected businesses. It was also suggested that loans be given interest free for the first two years. Many affiliated bands have agreed to look into the matter. ‚Äč