Dhara Dhevi promises to pay back wages in 30 days

 | Fri 16 Oct 2020 15:21 ICT

Hundreds of employees of the five-star resort, Dhara Dhevi, have claimed that they are owed over 100 million baht in back wages. There have been a few protests and requests for justice which have been made public this year, as staff and management demanded their pay.

Today Thavich Taychanavakul, the new managing director of the resort sent a letter to the Chiang Mai Labour Office apologising for missing meetings called, explaining that the company had many holdings and interests and they were unable to come to Chiang Mai as requested by authorities.

The letter pledged that the new management of the resort will step in to take charge on the 18th October. The resort is currently in debt of 36 million baht, the letter claims, with just over eight million in wage bills outstanding, 2.4 in utilities and a further 25 million to suppliers.

It also said that the hotel had been running at a lost all along and recently some creditors had confiscated many of the resort’s accounts which has hamstrung its operations and ability to function.

The resort also says that it has been compensating employees all along, contrary to claims, and in spite of hardship.

However, the new management pledges to pay back all wage bill within 30 days.

CityNews is still unsure as to the incongruity of the disparate numbers, as the employees claimed earlier this year that they were owed 100 million baht in back wages, not the eight million claimed by the resort.