Destitute family ride on motorbike and sidecar from Pattaya to Mae Sai

 | Tue 5 May 2020 15:34 ICT

A family of three has been travelling by motorcycle and sidecar from Pattaya, heading to their home in Chiang Rai due to the coronavirus situation.

With no income and no money for transportation, this mother had decided to gather her children and journey up north on their own. However, they ran out of money when they reached Tak and their motorbike broke down, with no means of fixing it. Some kind passersby, when hearing of the plight of the family, donated money and posted their story on social media. Since then, they have been able to continue their journey, thanks to the kindness of strangers, and have now reached Lampang. So far they have been travelling for five days.

On arrival in Lampang today, the family which has already become well known, were stopped by rescue service volunteers who stepped inĀ to do a health check to ensure they were well enough to continue their travel. It is believed that they are now healthy enough and have had enough means donated that they will be able to reach Mae Sai, where they are from, in the next day.