Desperate student takes own life

 | Mon 17 Aug 2020 14:31 ICT

On the night of the 15th August Chang Phuak police were called to a scene where they found the body of a woman.

The 20 year old student was from Mae Hong Son, according to her friends, and was studying in second year at a local university. She had recently moved to this dormitory and had yet to make many friends. Neighbours say that she had a boyfriend for a while but they had had an argument previously and broken up. The woman had also confined in a neighbor that her father was ill and that she herself had become pregnant.

Friends became concerned when they didn’t hear from her in a day or so and didn’t answer their calls. They reached out to the woman’s ex boyfriend and all went together to her dorm where they found that she had hanged herself off the back balcony, putting up a screen before killing herself to prevent anyone from seeing from the outside.

If you are feeling like you need help, please call Thailand Samaritans at (02) 713-6791.