Desperate chef sued by social security for calling office useless

 | Thu 17 Sep 2020 17:08 ICT

A 35 year old chef who used to work at one of Chiang Mai’s leading hotels, is being sued by the social security office for defamation through advertising.

The chef had posted on his Facebook page that the office of social security was useless and didn’t help the people, and now the office has filed a complaint against him.

After being called to the police station to explain himself, the chef said that over the lockdown, when he had lost his job and was left to care for his ailing father, the government promised support from the social services office. He said that after months of not receiving the money, he called the office and sent many emails, none of which were answered, leading to frustration, loss of temper, and the post on Facebook.

In front of the police, he apologised and asked for forgiveness from the head of the Chiang Mai Social Security Office. The head of the office explained that the government had not given firm guidelines as to payout at the time, and the office was closed during the pandemic, so the chef was wrong when he accused his office of being negligent.

The chef will be called in for a formal interview when the case goes to trial.