Deadly Holidays In Thailand Despite Crackdowns

 | Thu 2 Jan 2014 16:08 ICT

CityNews  – This same day last year we reported the findings of the The Accident Prevention and Reduction Centre Chiang Mai, who reported that Chiang Mai had seen 128 accidents over the holiday period in 2013.

Today Thailand’s Road Safety Centre revealed that almost the same amount of accidents have occurred again this year in Chiang Mai. It also looks like the total number of accidents in Chiang Mai and the rest of Thailand will not have been improved upon this year in spite of crackdowns.

In total throughout Thailand 334 deaths and 3,041 injuries have been reported, according to the centre. One day is left of the holidays. They added that the main cause of injury and death is drunk driving and speeding.

Chiang Mai and Nakhon Sawan they said were the most dangerous places to drive.

The yearly statistics reported by the government are as follows:

New Year 2010: 347 deaths, 3,827 injuries and 3,534 accidents
New Year 2011: 358 deaths, 3,750 injuries and 3,497 accidents
New Year 2012: 336 deaths, 3,375 injuries and 3,093 accidents
New Year 2013: 365 deaths, 3,329 injuries and 3,176 accidents