Dara Academy denies forcing its students to wear prison uniforms for breaking rules

 | Fri 4 Dec 2020 12:59 ICT

A meme was leaked on social media accusing a ‘school near McCormick Hospital’, which heavily implies that it is Dara Academy, of forcing its students to not only wear a prison uniform when violating uniform codes, but also for having to pay a 20 baht fine for the dry cleaning bill.

After the meme became widespread, other posters also commented that the school had a policy of forcing its students who broke hair protocol to wear red hats in shame.

Dr. Chuanpit Liengprapaipun, Head of Dara Academy came out today to tell the media that the meme was spreading false information.

“The photo which has been shared is not of a prison uniform, it is simply of a top to put on top of the uniform with the words, ‘Behavioural Correction’ written on it,” said Dr. Chuanpit. “A prison uniform would comprise of an entire outfit as well as a chain. This behavioural shirt was used in the past when some female students failed to wear an undershirt required by school rules. If we see a student dressed inappropriately we call the parents and ask them to bring the undershirt in to school. If they do not bring it, then we tell the student to cover themselves with this behavioural shirt. The shirt isn’t worn all day, only for some time after the morning national anthem in order to correct their behaviour.”

Dr. Chuanpit went on to say that following participation in numerous programmes concerning student rights the school had already banned this practice, now only recording the violation and taking away points as punishment. As to the red hat that was also mentioned on social media, she said that the practice of putting a red hat on top of a student’s head who dyed their hair wrong or violated hair codes, used to be aimed at discouraging other students to do the same.

The school’s IT department is currently gathering data to consider filing charges against this misinformation and in the meanwhile has explained itself to the satisfaction of the Church of Thailand which has oversight as well as to the Ministry of Education.