‘Damn Dog’ Owner Tells His Side, Moves Dog to Mae Rim

 | Thu 2 Aug 2018 07:04 ICT

CityNews – The ‘damn dog’ which angered locals in Saraphi so much they made a billboard, has now been relocated and it’s owner has clarified his side of the story to the press.

A recent report that locals in a community in Saraphi erected an angry billboard demanding that a nuisance dog named Jumbo should be removed from the neighbourhood, has become national news, and now the dog’s owner has moved the dog and explained his side of the story to the press.

Weerachai Sriployrung, 33, agreed that his dog has been a nuisance at times and was involved in a fight with a dog called Mammoth on July 20th. The owner of the poodle Mammoth was the same person who erected the billboard. Weerachai said that at that time he saw that both dogs began to fight, so he ran to the scene to help separate them. He managed to grab Mammoth and pull him off, and was bitten on the hand in the process.

He then took Mammoth back to the owner and apologised for the incident. He didn’t demand and money for the treatment to his hand and they parted peacefully. Later, Weerachai was informed that the owner of Mammoth reported the incident to the police, where they both agreed he would pay 2,000 baht in compensation.

Weerachai told the press he was confused by Mammoth’s owner who decided to erect a strongly worded billboard that said his dog was a ‘damn dog’ and must be removed. He admitted that his dog was sometimes a nuisance, chasing cars and barking at people but he denied any claims that his dog, Jumbo, has attacked any person.

Regardless, Weerachai has relocated Jumbo to a relative’s house in Mae Rim and has asked for the billboard to be taken down and that Mammoth’s owner shows the community some compassion.