Crowds swarm Maejo’s fair featuring cannabis cooking

 | Tue 23 Feb 2021 16:37 ICT

Maejo University’s Natural Farming R&D Centre held the very popular ‘Maejo Chuan Yim Chim Gun (Cha)’ fair over the weekend.

This fair featured over 45 restaurants, all cooking with cannabis and hemp, demonstrating to the public how to cook with roots, leaves and stems of the plant.

Maejo University is currently growing 16,700 marijuana plants for medicinal purposes.

The restaurants demonstrated cooking, opened booths and gave out information to the public as to how to use parts of the marijuana plant legally, especially the leaves. This was after the restaurants themselves received this information from the university.

Each restaurant was given 200 grams of marijuana leaves from the university with which to cook. Each had clear instructions as to how much to put into each dish so as to avoid too much THC.

The public was invited to eat for free – though they were only able to sample five dishes per person.

Information was given out to the public as to how much to consume and what side effects could possibly occur. This exercise was aimed to slowly educate the public to the properties of the plant.

Some of the top hits at the fair were the marijuana leaf sai-ua spicy sausage, space brownie, happy omelette, margarita pizza marijuana, fried somtam and marijuana and many more intriguing and tasty dishes.

The university’s representative told CityNews that this event was also aimed at collecting research data from the public to be used in setting standards for the consumption of the plant in the future in accordance with the law.