Crazy Horse Investigated for Unauthorised Climbing Routes

 | Fri 3 Aug 2018 05:44 ICT

CityNews – A climbing company has raised concerns among locals as they set up a climbing route on a cliff without permission, upsetting locals who alerted officials.

A report was issued today regarding the investigation of Crazy Horse, a climbing company in Ban Sahakon, Mae On. The company is being investigated for forest encroachment and the illegal installation of bolt holds and metal rails on protected cliffs.

The investigation team, consisting of the Chief Executive of Ban Sahakon Sub district Administrative Organisation (SAO), police, forestry officers, and local authorities, found evidence of drilling and installation of metal rails and bolt holds used by rock climbers on a cliff within the forest. This, in their opinion, constitutes damage to nature. Another concern was that at the foot of the cliff is a Buddhist shrine, so climbing above the Buddha’s head is also deemed inappropriate.

However, the survey revealed that the cliff face in question is not located within the protected part of the forest, but is located in a ‘public space’ which requires a letter of permission from the Governor of Chiang Mai to conduct any activates. The Chief Executive of Ban Sahakon SAO stated that the team found no evidence that the alleged climbing company has been granted the permission and plan to take action against the company.