Couple steals woman’s plant three times at night

 | Mon 7 Jun 2021 13:22 ICT

A woman who owns Cozy Home guesthouse and goes by the Facebook moniker Pook Pokpak posted a video clip yesterday showing a man riding a motorcycle with a woman passenger past her guesthouse in Sri Phum sub district who stopped and stole her plants.

The image was caught around 11pm and showed the woman jumping off the motorbike and removing a plant from the pot before driving off.

An hour later, before midnight, the couple returned to steal more of the four Xanadu philodendron, all of which, says the guest house owner are very cheap.

“I leave them outside for the public to enjoy, if anyone wants to ask me for them, I would happily give them away. I just don’t understand this. In fact, last month my plants were stolen at night too, I suspect it’s the same couple. It is just very strange and unnecessary.”