Cosmetics Warehouse Catches Fire

 | Tue 10 Apr 2018 06:10 ICT

CityNews – A cosmetic warehouse located on Ratchadamnoen road caught fire this morning, with emergency fire crews rushing to the scene to stop the fire spreading to neighbouring buildings.

The fire took around 20 minutes to extinguish, and the whole three-storey warehouse was full of smoke.

Once the fire was under control, teams evaluated the fire and found that the third floor had been damaged the most, but luckily nobody was injured.

According to the marketing officer who was on the scene, he was on the first floor while two other employees were having breakfast on the second floor. Then ten minutes later, he heard a loud noise like the sound of firecrackers before the two employees ran down and shouted that there was fire.

The third floor was full of packing materials such as cotton and tissue so the fire spread quickly.

Fire crews believe the fire started after an old ceiling fan caused a spark. However, police will coordinate with forensic officers to identify the exact cause and estimate the damage costs.