Corn factory in Mae Rim causing a stink

 | Fri 4 Sep 2020 10:19 ICT

Representatives from Ban San Ka Yom and Ban Paktang Saluang, Mae Rim, came together to demand that the corn processing factory nearby take responsibility and stop spewing waste water into the area, causing a great stench.

The representatives said that the waste water was unbearably pungent and the entire area can smell it at all times. The smell is akin to bad gas and some members of the village have already complained of high blood pressure as a result.

Today the District Bailiff visited the factory and was told that the corn husk tends to become rotten at time and spills out of the factory. He was also told that the factory met all waste water management guidelines but it was the recent rains which caused this current problem, which management says should not happen again. In order to help alleviate the villagers’ suffering, the factory will close for four days and fix the problem.

The bailiff warned the factory that he will be visiting again and he expects them to follow all rules, regulations and environmental protocols.