Contractors say scammers are pretending to be officials

 | Wed 10 Jul 2019 10:16 ICT

CityNews – Construction workers and contractors filed a complaint against alleged officers who have claimed to have been hunting down and fining misemployed migrant workers.

On July 9th at city hall, around a hundred constructors and migrant workers gathered to file a complaint against officials who have been prosecuting them for misemployment. According to the Working of Alien Act, B.E. 2551, those who are categorised as labourers are not allowed to work in craftsmanship tasks such as painting, plastering and brickwork. However, such restrictions contradict the working pipeline, they say.

Aupong Boongla, one of the constractors, expressed concern that the officers who have been prosecuting them lately are themselves scammers, as they have never presented their official titles. These alleged officers would fine employees various sums of money, while citing the law. This petition pleads for authorities to look into the matter and allow some compromise and leniency for employees and migrant workers.