Complaints Against the Homeless at Jang Sri Phum

 | Mon 27 Aug 2018 06:40 ICT

CityNews – Locals are reportedly disturbed by homeless and drug addicts who have settled at Jang Sri Phum.

Neighbours near Jang Sri Phum have made a complaint regarding homeless people who have settled at the historical city corner. One of the local people who has asked to remain anonymous reported that some homeless people return to Jang Sri Phum around 3 to 4am each morning, after officials have done their daily inspection. These homeless people are reportedly noisy and create unpleasant smell from their rubbish, urine and faeces. With fear of being harmed, people in the neighbourhoood are anxious to drive them away permanently.

CityNews has visited the site and found rubbish as local people have claimed including bottles of alcohol, drug tools, several spots of faeces and baggage. Apparently the moat is used as a bath.

Local authorities are urged to handle the matter.