Complaints About Homeless Labourers Result in Greater Support Networks

 | Thu 17 Dec 2015 05:02 ICT

CityNews – Residents in the Chang Phuak area have complained to the Chiang Mai governor for the ‘messy state’ Assadathorn road is, crowded with ‘hundreds’ of homeless migrant workers waiting to be employed by people passing by, resulting in the creation of employment booths and relocation programs by the Governor.

migrant workers move

Residents added that it makes the area look unorganised and damages Chiang Mai’s image.

As a response to this complaint, on December 15, Governor Pawin Chamniprasart lead a team of military, police and other representatives from a range of institutes to inspect the area and re-organise groups of homeless migrant labourers.

A temporary registration centre has been set up since December 15 and will remain until January 15, giving the homeless labourers a chance to register for employment.

Employers have been invited to offer jobs at this registration centre, and for each applicant, appropriate negotiations will be arranged to ensure the employment is fair for both parties involved.

After January 15, authorities will evaluate the operation and further develop effective ways that ensure support is offered homeless migrant workers, with benefits being fair for both employers and labours.

In the last few days, the Chiang Mai governor led another group to inspect a crowded community called Khlong Ngoen, where migrant labours, both with and without permission to stay in the kingdom, live.

According to authorities, the community was illegally built on public land. However, the governor has insisted that instead of kicking them out, authorities will help find them a new place to stay with better services and living conditions. When the new community is set up, the old buildings will be removed to return the area for public use.