Community Wins Justice for Grandma Wrongfully Evicted by Ungrateful Man

 | Fri 24 May 2019 21:13 ICT
CityNews – Grandma Wanna,66, suffers from multiple diseases, but had only tears of joy this week when she received the title deed of her stolen land back.
Thanks to the coordination of the Justice Provincial Office, money was raised and the courts made a decisive order for her land to be returned to her after being taken by her son’s friend.

Grandma Wanna’s son died two years ago and one day his friend, Mettrai Hinpaeng, asked Grandma Wanna whether he could come and live with her, offering to care for her in her old age in return for a roof over his head. It wasn’t long before he manipulated Grandma Wanna into transferring the title deed of her home into his name, then took out two mortgages totalling 140,000 baht on the land.  Following that, he kicked Grandma Wanna out of the house, telling her to go and live with her sister in a shack at the end of the garden, then ring-fenced the garden so she had no access in or out.

Neighbours found this situation unacceptable and took matters to the Justice Provincial Office who agreed to take action. The first step was taking the matter to the courts which recently handed down its final judgement that the son’s ungrateful friend was to transfer the title deed back to Grandma Wanna. As to the 140,000 baht mortgage, the office then reached out to the media which helped raise the issue, finally receiving over 214,000 baht in donations from the public.

On the afternoon of the 22nd May, the office, along with the head of the Don Kaew sub-district where Grandma Wanna lives, went and paid off the mortgage in full as well as oversaw the transference of title deeds to Grandma Wanna as well as her sister.
Authorities also handed her the extra 30,000 baht which remained after extra expenses from the money raised and pledged to check in on her from time to time to make sure that she was well cared for.

Unfortunately, and in spite of the judgement, Mettrai has yet to leave the property, saying that he needs a few more days. When the media went to see Grandma Wanna at home they were distressed to find that her and her sister were living in a shack that was still locked from any public access, and that the conditions of the shack were unsanitary and unsafe. The head of the sub-district has pledged to keep an eye on her as well as to arrange for volunteers to take her to her doctor’s appointment every fortnight for her various ailments.