Community rejects roundabout on second ring road

 | Mon 15 Nov 2021 19:15 ICT

Yesterday villagers of Moo 6, Suthep Sub-district gathered to protest at the intersection in front of the Suthep Sub-district office.

This intersection sits on the Irrigation Canal Road and is a U-turn point for those wishing to head back towards Suthep Road.

The Highway Department says that it has been experimenting with a roundabout system to keep traffic moving and to alleviate congestion. The idea, since there are six bridges crossing the canal from the Suthep to the Ton Kwaen intersections, was to use the bridges as natural roundabouts so vehicles can continue to flow instead of stopping for traffic lights. However, villagers say that they have to travel an extra 400 metres in each direction in order to simply cross the canal and that it is of great inconvenience. Authorities have agreed to scrap the roundabout idea.