College student attacked in San Sai

 | Thu 26 Sep 2019 07:48 ICT

CityNews – On the night of September 24th, Apimuk Sangtui, 22, was on his way home after a party in the city when he was attacked by a group of brawlers. He was on his motorcycle, hurrying home, he told the police, when other motorbikes overtook him. For some unknown reason, the riders started to shout at him. The situation got more aggressive when one of them attacked him with a slingshot. Apimuk made a stop at the convenience store in an attempt to ask for help, but the brawlers got to him first.

He suffers multiple injuries, including a concussion, blows to his face and bruises on his body. The incident occurred in San Sai Luang, San Sai District. The case has been reported to police and is now under investigation.