Coalmine Protests in Lampang

 | Fri 2 May 2014 14:44 ICT

CityNews – The people of Lampang have rallied together for a protest against coal mining in their province.

In Ngao district of Lampang province, over 600 gathered with their demands and signs written with the words “Stop Coal Mining.”

The Forestry Department has issued a permit allowing a mining company to excavate lignite from their local national park, Thai Pha Thai. Lignite is a brown colored coal which is used for ceramics, marble, granite, and power production.

The local villagers are mobilizing to express their concerns about environmental and health issues that will be caused by the mining.  They have demanded that the Forestry Department along with provincial authorities withdraw the permit.

The 600 protesters assembled and coordinated an organized march from their villages to the highway that links Lampang to the adjacent province of Phayao. They chose to only occupy and rally on the inbound side of the highway causing several kilometers of traffic. The protesters are demanding that talks be held between their own representatives and top government officials.  If the village protestors are not appeased they plan to occupy both sides of the road, causing traffic both inbound and outbound on the highway.