CMU’s waste management model aims to reduce almost all garbage in its land fills

 | Fri 28 Jun 2019 13:50 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai University showed off its new complete waste management system which aims to turn all biowaste into energy.

The Energy Research and Development Institute-Nakornping, Chiang Mai University (ERDI-CMU) has recently announced a model it suggests will be suitable for the university’s waste management. With a vision to become leaders in sustainable development, it has established a learning centre on biomass waste management.

“Chiang Mai University, with its educational institutions, hospitalals and dormitories, is just like a small municipality,” Asst. Prof.Dr. Pruk Aggarangsi, Director of ERDI-CMU stated. For that reason, it is able to become a model for proper waste management. “The university has its own independent system from collection to disposal without having to rely much on the municipality.”

The learning centre is located in Mae Hia campus where all the garbage from all three campuses is separated, and the biowaste is used in the process of procuring biomass energy. Dr. Pruk reveals that this system has already been effective at reducing waste disposed in the land fill to up to 90%.

The university has also been campaigning to students and staff on matters of waste management and will continue to do so. Dr. Pruk explained that this mission will help develop a good habit of waste management for students which, hopefully, they will continue to apply in their future communities.

Chiang Mai University welcomes all who wish to inspect and learn from this model. Dr. Pruk concluded that it eventually comes down to the consciousness and moral responsibility of an individual.