| Wed 15 May 2019 13:48 ICT

CityNews – A Chiang Mai University student team has won STARTUP THAILAND League 2019 with their invention of making fertiliser from air.

National Innovation Agency hosted STARTUP THAILAND League 2019 to seek the most innovative minds amongst students to compete in the STARTUP Thailand 2019. The event was held on May 11th at the Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University (STeP). This year marks the highest number of student candidates with 150 teams from 25 universities across the nation.

The winner of STARTUP THAILAND League 2019 is Palalamp, a team from Chiang Mai University with a technology contributing to “AgriTech/ Food Startup”. The team introduced plasma technology inspired by thunder strike. “When thunder strikes, Nitrogen in the air is discharged creating nitrate and nitrite into the dirt. This technology will feed air to the plasma tube then the high voltage power will be generated to discharge the air. Nitrate and nitrite will be stored in water by venturi. The water can be used in plantations directly. While discharging, the ozone will also sanitise the water, reducing the chance of plant sickness,” stated in press release.

The first runner up is a team from Thammasart University for a technology contributing to stomach pressure, and the second runner up is a team from Silpakorn University with an IOT platform on rice merchandising management.

The winner will continue to compete at STARTUP Thailand 2019 which will be held from July 23rd to 27th. For more information please visit