CMU Students ask for a 30% discount on fees

 | Fri 17 Apr 2020 18:04 ICT

CityNews – 17th April 2020, reports from the front of the presidents’ office, Chiang Mai University, of a group of students handed a letter to the university asking for a reduction of 30% from first year fees. They also told the university that they didn’t think that the university was prepared for distance learning yet and that they also demanded air purifiers in class rooms when the university does open again.

The group cited the fact that their parents no longer had any income and part time jobs for students were impossible right now. The minimum fee for a term is 15,000 baht, a number students say is too high.

The president of the university responded by saying that the request will be considered and explained that the university is doing its best in all matters to take care of its students. They are also in talks with the government to borrow funds to help support student needs and will be working with financial institutes to offer better access to loans for students and their parents. He also said that hundreds of computers have been bought and will be installed in dormitories to support student needs. F

The university has also reduced the fees by at least 10% at this time as well as cost for on campus accommodation. This will be offered to all students, under and post graduates. The president then went on to explain that the fees on the most part go to the faculties, so it will be up to each faculty to decide how much more of a discount they can offer.