Citylife Garden Fair and Boonthavorn Chaing Mai raised a total of 364,215 baht for local charities.

 | Tue 11 Feb 2020 20:59 ICT

CityNews – 11 February 2020, The 14th Citylife Garden Fair held on November 23th, 2019 at Boonthavorn Chaing Mai was raised a total of 364,215 baht for local charities.

The annual Citylife Garden Fair was first established in 2005 to raise funds to help tsunami victims. The day has grown into one of the most popular events in the annual Chiang Mai calendar. It aims to connect businesses, artisans, chefs, artists, musicians and other organisations with the local and expatriate community. It creates opportunities to showcase local products and services at the same time as raising fund for local charities.

This year the 364,215 baht raised was shared with the following six charities and foundations:
Partners Relief & Development 67,643 baht
Eiam Dee Recycle 67,643 baht
The Ayui Foundation 26,000 baht
Mother Child Concern Foundation 67,643 baht
EACM Foundation 67,643 baht
Baan Dek Foundation 67,643 baht

This year the Citylife Garden Fair will be back at Boonthavorn for Chiang Mai’s Big Day out on November 21st, 2020