City Life Prolonging Ceremony Held in Chiang Mai (Not about us!)

 | Thu 7 Jun 2018 09:41 ICT

CityNews – The Chiang Mai people have come together to hold the traditional City Life Prolonging Ceremony, to bring another year of prosperity to the city.

The City Life Prolonging Ceremony is a traditional event that follows the City Pillar Festival and aims to bring good fortune to Chiang Mai and its people. The ceremony is traditionally held at 10 significant spots across town including at the five gates, four forts and at the city centre.

This year the ceremony was joined by two elephants from Mae Sa Elephant camp who drew pictures of the yellow star tree, a tree that represents the King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

This year celebrates the 723th year of Chiang Mai, so exactly 723 monks were invited to join the ceremony.

Although we share the same name, Citylife is not being celebrated in a ceremony, but with your continuous support, we will also have a long and prosperous life!