Chinese Tourist Steals Camera Caught on CCTV

CityNews – A CCTV camera caught a Chinese tourist stealing a camera.

On April 23rd at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep a Spanish couple left a GoPro camera at the bench when they were resting. When they came back to check out the camera, it was missing. After the case has been reported, police watched a video recorded by CCTV camera which showed that after the couple left a group of Chinese tourist came to the scene. Among them was a man wearing a shirt and a big hat. The man was sitting behind the bench where the camera was left. He then moved to the bench in front of him and used his hat to cover him grabbing the camera. He hid the camera in his shirt and left.

Police were able to track this group to the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre where they found the suspect. The suspect reportedly did not resist in turning in the camera claiming that he intended to return the camera but did not know how.