Chinese Community Celebrates Annual Ghost Festival

 | Fri 28 Aug 2015 06:59 ICT

CityNews – August 28th, the local Chinese community and Chinese-descendant community join in the celebration of the Ghost, or Spirit, Festival, a festival celebrated in China and by the Chinese diaspora world wide.


On August 27th at the main Chinese shrine in Chiang Mai, Sarn Chao Pung Tao Kong, which is 136 years old, numerous families came to show their respect to their ancestors and to the holy spirits, offering food and symbolic gifts. Gold and silver paper money is on sale at the shrine, though many vendors commented on the slow sales, in spite of the numbers of visitors.


Vendors at Thanin Market, who have been selling items traditionally offered to the ancestors during this festival for years, told reporters that this was one of the quietest years by far with very few pre orders and little activities on the day. They complained that the economy was stagnant.