Chiang Mai’s Cable Car: Fact or Fiction…or just FAIL

 | Mon 21 Apr 2014 14:45 ICT

CityNews – While we are still not sure whether Chiang Mai will get a cable car that travels up and down Doi Suthep, a new poll devised by Maejo University shows us what some of the city’s residents think about the proposition:

70% of people living in Chiang Mai province don’t even know about the project to start with. Although, when asked if such a project could happen 67% of them said yes it would likely benefit tourism.

From 484 responders 86% in total thought the cable car would be good for tourism.

63% said it would be convenient.

56% thought it would help with road safety.

53% thought that it would help the disabled and handicapped.

63% said it would lead to deforestation.

48% said that the budget would be exploited.

79% of those opposed to the cable car will sign a petition against it.