Chiang Mai Traffic Police Promote Samlor Use

 | Wed 10 Jun 2015 04:15 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai Regional Police Traffic Centre introduced the project “Travel in Chiang Mai on Samlor” on June 9th. The project will promote the use of salmor [tricycle] use in Chiang Mai.

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Chiang Mai Regional Police Traffic Centre also introduced the first traffic police tuk tuk to patrol the streets of Chiang Mai, equipped with speakers to make announcements.

Police Colonel Piyapan Pattarapongsin explained that after observing the habits of samlor drivers in Chiang Mai, found that many of them would park in complete disarray, especially around Warorot and Ton Lam Yai markets, and that the drivers also did not seem to take pride in their appearance. This led to market vendors pooling their money to purchase new clothes and hats for the samlor drivers, who are mostly elderly. Each driver received a new navy blue uniform that have a number assigned. They also display the logo for the samlor project.

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The traffic police also organized a new parking lot especially for samlors, next to the traffic police booth close to the Ping River. The drivers now will have their own lot where they can park in an organized fashion and provide services to anyone that needs a ride, with rides starting at 20 baht.

The new lot solves the problem of drivers that park in a disorganized fashion, clearing the road along the market and alleviating traffic congestion and hopefully lowering the accident rate in the area. It also promotes ecotourism, since samlor don’t produce any pollution. The samlor is also the traditional Lanna style taxi, and this project will help maintain the Lanna way of life while also increasing samlor driver’s income, explained Police Colonel Piyapan.

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The traffic police also designated various areas around the city where samlor drivers will pick up passengers, mainly in tourist areas. They will focus on areas around the moat, where tourists can be taken on tours of the city to see temples and other historic sites.

The project’s next meeting will be held to designate a more effective route for samlors traveling around Chiang Mai city.