Chiang Mai tightens up measurement for releasing flying lanterns during Loy Krathong festival

 | Thu 10 Oct 2019 16:18 ICT

CityNews – On 9th Oct. 2019, Saranyu MeeThongkham, Chiang Mai Deputy Governor announced strict measurements to protect the safety of the people in lighting and releasing flying lanterns and balloons or any other similar flying objects during Yi Peng (Loy Krathong) of 2019. No person is allowed to light or fly lanterns, balloons or any similar objects into the sky unless a permit is obtained from local district chiefs, and even then, they will have to follow strict criteria set by authorities.

Schedules allowing for the flying of lanterns, balloons or similar objects are as follows: on Loy Krathong day (full moon day of Thai twelfth lunar month) (11th November 2019) between 7pm and 1am of the following day, all objects except for smoke lanterns can be released, while smoke lanterns can be released between 10am till noon. Then on the first waning moon day of Thai twelfth lunar month (12th November 2019), flying lanterns and similar objects can be allowed between 7pm and 1am of the following day (smoke lanterns are not allowed.)

As to New Year’s Eve, releasing lanterns and balloons can be done during night of 31st December of every year between 7pm and 1pm of the following day (smoke lanterns are not allowed.)

As to the lighting and releasing of lanterns within and around the Chiang Mai International Airport, i.e. areas along the route for departure and landing of the planes (width for each side 4.6 Kms. And length for each side 18.5 Kms.), permits must be obtained at least 15 days in advance. Those who violate this regulations will be punished with imprisonment of no more than 3 years or fined not over sixty thousands baht or both. Chiang Mai authority has set up monitoring areas level 1 (aviation safety area) in 5 districts i.e. Muang (including 16 Tambons), Hang Dong (11 Tambons), Saraphee (T.Khua Mung, Don Kaew, Nong Phueng), Mae Rim (T.Dong Kaew, Rim Tai, Mae Sa), and Sansai (T.Nong Harn.) All relevant district chiefs are reminded to be vigilant and careful in allowing releasing of lanterns to prevent danger toward aviation and the community at large.