Chiang Mai Social Development and Human Security Office Makes Donation to Family in Need

 | Tue 15 Sep 2015 04:16 ICT

CityNews – September 14, Chiang Mai Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office and donators gave 2,000 baht to the family of Moon, 30, whose daughter, Tubtim, was born with a physical complication.


The family currently rents a room in Nong Krai village in the San Sai area.

Tubtim will turn 2 years this October. She is 48 centimetres tall and weighs 2.5 kilograms.

According to Moon, her daughter is strong and cheerful, but she cannot speak yet. However she is a quick learner and loves to dance when hearing music.

She added that her husband is Shan and works as a builder. She has to feed her daughter with “special milk,” which is expensive. She also feeds her daughter with her own milk too.

Tubtim was delivered prematurely — when Moon was 6 month pregnant.

She weighed 830 grams when she was born, and her height was 24 centimetres. After she ws born she received treatment in the hospital for over two months.

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Doctors told Moon the physical problem might be due to the parents’ genes and chromosomes. According to their doctor, Tubtim will be able to grow only two more centimetres, which means her height will be 50 centimetres.

According to Siwaporn Wiratlap of Chiang Mai Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office, they will cooperate with Viengping Children’s Home for the help with milk powder and Chiang Mai Employment Office to find a job that Moon can work at home.