Chiang Mai Ranked Number 1 For Road Accidents Over Songkran

 | Tue 19 Apr 2016 08:55 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai has been ranked number one for most road accidents during the 7 Dangerous Days of Songkran 2016.


Every year, the Songkran period sees a sharp rise in road accidents, often caused by alcohol, tiredness and dangerous roads during the week that Songkran is held, this year April 11 to April 17.

This year, when the final figures came in, Chiang Mai topped the ranks with a total of 168 road accidents during the seven days, mostly involving motorcycles.

On the last day, there were 10 accidents reported, less than last year’s 18 reported accidents, but overall the total number still remained at the top of the list.

175 people were injured in the accidents (119 men and 56 women) and the death toll currently stands at 13.

Most accidents occurred in Mae Ai, Mae Wang and San Pa Tong districts.

However, 18 districts in Chiang Mai had no reported accidents, including Mae Jam, Mae Rim, Doi Saket, San Sai, Chaipragran, San Kamphaeng, Mae Taeng, Sa Moeng, Fang, Hang Dong, Hod, Phrao, Doi Tao, Wiang Haeng, Mae On, Doi Lor, and Kanlayaniwattana.