Chiang Mai Prankster Jumps Into Enclosure With Rhino (Video)

 | Thu 16 Jan 2014 16:52 ICT

CityNews – A Youtube video clip of a teenager jumping into a rhino’s enclosure at Chiang Mai Zoo has ruffled the feathers of the authorities, who have vowed to catch the fence-jumping culprit.The man jumped into the enclosure and casually strolled up to the rhinocerous, who immediately began charging the prankster once he’d finally been noticed. The zoo checked the CCTV footage to make sure the incident really happened, and have now consulted lawyers to see how they can punish the offender.
The zoo is very concerned about immature pranks like these, and how they affect the animals. They are also worried about the safety of the animals, and the possibility of something going very wrong, especially with an animal like a rhino.
You can watch the video here.