Chiang Mai police set measures for tourist safety during Loy Krathong

 | Thu 17 Oct 2019 13:27 ICT

CityNews – 16th October 2019,  Pol. Col. Sukhon Sri-aroon, deputy commander of Chiang Mai police announced that a call centre will be set up, connected to the emergency number 191 to respond to crime and protect lives and properties of residents and tourists alike during the upcoming Loy Krathong festival. The “Police  i lert U” app will also be launched, to encourage people to upload videos, photos or locations of any disturbances (

He went on to say that the police had set up five measures to take care of tourists during Loy Krathong festival:

1. Prevent crime and accidents: each police station is to monitor entertainment venues and places holding Yi Peng events, coordinating with relevant organisations to prevent crime. This will also include the marine police, who will patrol the rivers.

2. Prevent dangers from firecrackers, fireworks: a database of factories producing fireworks has been collected, including illegal ones.  This is to be used to coordinate with administrative offices to double-check all places that keep those fireworks, assuring that they are stored in a safe manner. A network of local authorities has also been set up to monitor the lighting of fireworks, assuring safety for all.

3. Crackdown on every type of crime between 8th – 12th November 2019: this includes arresting those who light firecrackers, fireworks in an annoying or dangerous manner.  Those who produce and sell them must be allowed to do so legally.

4. Maintain order in all areas: Police enforcement is to be used to prevent theft and facilitate tourist safety.

5. Measure to facilitate traffic: police officers from quieter precincts will be transferred to high activity areas to alleviate traffic congestion. This will also include alcohol detection checkpoints along all major routes in and out of festive areas.