Chiang Mai Police catch murderer of wealthy lady.

 | Fri 1 Nov 2019 17:08 ICT

CityNews – 1st November 2019, at the office of Provincial Police station region 5, commissioner of region 5 Prachuab Wongsook together with relevant staff made a statement concerning the arrest of Withoon Sritabut or M the suspected murderer who killed Wannee Jiracharoenying and hid the corpse in a refrigerator and cemented it over.

The suspect was arrested in Nakhon Sawan in possession of stolen properties.  It took five days after the body was discovered (27 October 2019) until the arrest on 31st October 2019.  There had been several clues including the stolen BMW car and ATM usage in Bangkok, Rayong, Suphanburi and other provinces.  It was then known that M purchased a motorcycle in Kanchanaburi and fled to Uthaithani, not long after he was arrested in Nakhon Sawan.

After the interrogation, M admitted to committing the murder on the morning of 11th October 2019.

According to M, Wannee opened the door to M and he then pushed her down and tied her hands and feet, demanding her ATM code.  Then after checking with an ATM booth that the number was correct, he came back to kill her and later on 13 October 2019 he put her corpse into the fridge and cemented it over in an attempt to hide the body.

In total, he had withdrawn 1.7 million baht from the victim’s account.  Police were able to find 1.2 million of that money as well as a motorbike, at the time of the arrest.

His former girlfriend and other persons suspected of being involved were found to be innocent and M confessed that only he committed the crime alone.

The reason, he said, was that he had financial problems but the victim refused to help him. M said that he knew an apology is of no use at this point and he felt sorry for what he did.