Chiang Mai municipality changes the bus route to alleviate traffic

 | Fri 17 Jan 2020 11:42 ICT

CityNews – 16th January 2020.  The route of the Bus No. B3 has been changed to help solve traffice problem and reduce smog in city area.

  1. The route B3 from Arcade-City Hall Station is now changed to Arcade-Nakornping Hospital and runs through Chotana Rd.
  1. There will be a test drive for delivery of students from schools from the Robinson intersection.  This can help parents not have to go to the city in the evenings. If this yields good results, the new bus route will be set up using electric vehicles.
  2. There will be an upgrade of capability of CCTVs to be able to analyze vehicle usage all along the route for about one year and the information will be used to help plan traffic management.

With all these measures, Chiang Mai Municipality expects that this will help alleviate traffic problems and improve quality of life.  It also helps with air quality because in the city there is almost no burning but smoke is generated mostly through the vehicles, say authorities in charge.