Chiang Mai Moat Water Too Dirty for Songkran Says Environmental Office

 | Tue 8 Apr 2014 12:14 ICT

CityNews – The fact that the moat water is not safe is not great news for those looking forward to ‘playing water’ this Songkran. Region 1 Environmental Office (REO01) with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment recently released report on Chiang Mai moat water quality. Mayor Tatsanai vows to clean the moat up and make it ready for Songkran.

The REO01 collected water samples from 10 spots around the Old City’s moat on March 27th. The parameters analyzed included amounts of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved oxygen (DO), total coliform bacteria (TCB), fecal coliform bacteria (FCB), and ammonia (NH3).

According to REO01’s lab results (the BOD and TCB values indicate water pollution), they found that water quality at spot #8 (near Chiang Mai Ram hospital) and spot #9 (near Icon Square Mall) were most polluted. Overall moat water quality falls in category 3-4 (moderate – polluted) meaning if consumers want to use it, the water needs to go through cleaning processes.

In view of Songkran purposes REO01 recommends taking extra precautions to avoid ingesting moat water, or letting it come into contact with open wounds.

The REO01 sent their data to Chiang Mai Municipality so they might improve circumstances for the festival. They added that the water quality is about the same as last year.

Mayor Tatsanai Puranupakorn told reporters that water quality improvement processes by the municipality would be completes by April 9th. They already drained the moat and added chlorine and Hydraulic lime into the water. The fountains around the moat are adding oxygen to the water.

The Municipality drained the moat again on April 7th. They will add more chlorine for one last time on April 9th. Mayor Tatsanai is confident that the water quality will improve and be ready for Songkran purposes. He cited this year’s drought as a reason Chiang Mai Waterworks Authority could not circulate as much water in and out of the moat.

For the official report & charts in Thai, visit the REO01 page here.