Chiang Mai Gets new CCTV Control Centre

 | Thu 19 Jul 2018 09:17 ICT

CityNews –┬áThe Chiang Mai Provincial Police have opened a new CCTV centre located in the Police Region 5 Bureau, Chiang Mai, connecting the CCTV cameras found all around Chiang Mai to one central location allowing police to act on incidents spotted by the cameras before a 191 call is made.

1,180 smart CCTV cameras have been set up across the city, including rural areas that they say will help advance investigations when people decide to leave the city. These new cameras have the potential to zoom in 36 times and spot minor details.

The smart reporting machines will be set up for the first time in Thailand around tourist spots and downtown. The centre will send alerts and locations to the nearest police station when an incident is occurring in real time, automatically alerting police to immediately investigate.