Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes is Right around the Corner

 | Fri 3 Apr 2015 04:55 ICT

CityNews – It’s April, and that means a few things in Chiang Mai: it’s hot, it’s wet, and it’s time for the Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes.


If you’re not familiar with the yearly tournament then we can explain. Teams (men and women) from all over the world fight it out at the Gymkhana Club in Chiang Mai in what has become one of world’s biggest, and oldest, amateur cricket sixes competitions. There are often a few -ex-pros around, and no doubt quite a lot of drunk and dazed amateurs; there’s always a warm, genial atmosphere, so even if you’re not into cricket, you can just sit back in the sun and sink a few G&Ts.

This year’s schedule just came out, and can be seen here.

And here is the tournament’s web site.