Chiang Mai boxing fan has coronavirus

 | Wed 18 Mar 2020 18:35 ICT

CityNews – 17th March 2020, following rumours that a Chiang Mai boxer had caught the COVID-19 during a match at Lumpini stadium (where celebrity and actor Matthew Dean confirmed he caught the virus earlier this month), a Pongthep Eksuwan has just come out to clarify matters.

“I just want to clear things up that rumours that a Chiang Mai boxer caught COVID-19 from Lumpini station is not true. The man who did catch it is in fact a boxing fan from Chiang Mai and not a boxer, he is a friend of mine who went down to the match as announced. He returned to Chiang Mai on the 8th, after which he went to Tawan Daeng for a friend’s birthday and is now undergoing treatment at Pa Nga Hospital. I am making this announcement on behalf of the boxing community here in Chiang Mai, none of which have the virus as far as we know.”

He went on to say that his friend, following his return to Chiang Mai, began to get ill and was self-medicating. But after not getting any better, coughing more and more and feeling worse, it was when he read the news about Matthew Dean that he decided to go to the hospital. Everyone who travelled with him on this trip (they shared a private vehicle to and from Bangkok, so no fear of it spreading in public transportation) has been evaluated. Three are suspected to possibly have the virus while the rest are under self-quarantine.