Chiang Mai Airport Confiscates Souvenir Coral, Reminds People Not to Take Coral From Thai Beaches

 | Fri 30 Mar 2018 07:44 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai International Airport warns tourists not to collect coral as a souvenir.

On March 30th, Deputy director of Chiang Mai International Airport clarified the case of the seizure of tourist’s coral that occurred two days ago and was reported on by the media. The Deputy Director stated that airport’s officer only have the authority to seize harmful items at the airport: however; inappropriate item such as coral, the officer may negotiate with the carrier to turn the item over. There have been several coral seizures in the past mostly from Chinese tourists travelling from the southern part of Thailand. The coral was handed over to the fisheries inspection office which will pass them on to an educational institution.

The deputy director also discouraged any activities that involve collecting the coral or sealife. He also revealed that among the coral that was seized there was a Giant Triton. The officer stated that depending on the Giant Triton amount the carrier could be charged with violation of protective animal laws.