Chiang Mai Airport is Held Accountable for Polluting Canal

 | Fri 30 Nov 2018 11:31 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai International Airport is alleged to have polluted waterways in Pa Daet.

On November 28th, Werachai Chaimongkon, Pa Daet sub-district headman, guided reporters to a public canal that flows through at least five communities revealing polluted water that he claimed to have come from Chiang Mai International Airport. The allegation is base on the location of the airport waste water treatment which is located nearby. Werachai stated complaints have been filed repeatedly but the issue has never been remedied. The polluted canal has caused trouble to over a hundred households. It connects with Mae Kha and the water will flow to the Ping River, and Werachai has urged Chiang Mai International Airport to proceed on this issue as soon as possible.


Following on the previous allegations, Sqn. Ldr Monthanik Rakngam, the acting director of Chiang Mai International Airport, has issued an order for officers to inspect the canal on, November 29th. The inspection confirmed that the waste water is indeed leaking from the airport’s water treatment system. The officers stated that preliminary procedure is to drain waste water off the resting well and fill it with good water to balance out the pollution in the canal. Pa Daet community was apologised to and authorities promised an urgent solution to this issue.