CCTV Exposes the Truth of the Fatal Accident that Killed Renowned Thai TV Host

 | Fri 4 Jan 2019 11:28 ICT

CityNews – CCTV footage, released by the police, showed the last moments of renowned Thai TV Host, Centimetre’s life.

Following the deaths of Jaturapat ‘Centimetre’ Khemnark, and her friend who was also in the same vehicle, which occurred on the canal road near Ton Payom Market, the 26 year old driver of the other vehicle involved in the incident, gave her testimony to police on January 3rd that she was in the right lane about to turn right to cross the bridge when the celebrity’s vehicle, which was in the left lane, sped up and attempted to make a right turn, causing them to collide.

However police revealed that after checking the CCTV footage, it appeared that the 26 year old driver was about to go straight and not turn right as she had stated. But the celebrity’s car, which was on the left lane tried to turn right. The collision causes Centimetre’s car to flip into the canal, leading to her and her friend’s death.

Update: The 26 year old driver visited the police station again this morning, January 4th. After over two hours of giving testimony, police revealed that she is charged with causing death by careless driving. She refused to talk to reporters after being released.