Caravan of teachers and soldiers visit border school children

 | Fri 3 Sep 2021 17:15 ICT

A caravan of soldiers from border guard unit 3601 and teachers from Longpae Vitaya School travelled by motorbike to visit students of the school who live scattered along the border with Myanmar in Sop Moei, Mae Hong Son, Omkoi, Chiang Mai and Tha Song Yang, Tak provinces.

On-Hand On-feet On-heart” is the slogan for this Covid-19 caravan which saw the group traverse some near-impenetrable terrain to reach students unable to travel to school due to both economic hardship and environmental challenges.

These students live in such remote areas they have no tools for online learning, let alone electricity in many cases. Unable to travel to school due to the heavy rains turning roads into mud, many students have missed out on education over the past several months.

The school has therefore periodically sent teams of teachers riding dirt bikes to visit the students, handing out and collecting assignments as well as offering teaching and advice.

The teachers and soldiers have also created a Longpae School Grab Food campaign to take food and necessitates to these students.

“The furthest student lives 20 kilometres away from the school,” a representative of the caravan told CityNews. “It took us six hours to reach because the terrain was so hard to travel we often had to get off our motorbikes and travel by foot.”