Canadian Shooting Victim Nic Brown Asks For Justice On Social Media

 | Thu 22 May 2014 10:42 ICT

CityNews – Canadian shooting victim Nic Brown is asking for help from the public in seeking justice against the man who shot him in a drive-by on Nimmanheiman Road last year. He is now paraplegic, with no sensation from the belly button downwards, and bound to a wheelchair after spending six months in hospital.

Nic in the hospital with his girlfriend Bow.

The story of what happened to Nic Brown (36) in June 2013 is now becoming viral again as his Thai university student shooter prepares to face justice in court. Nic shared his experience of being a shooting victim on the Justice for Nic Brown Facebook page and his Go Fund Me page. You can read more about the tragic incident, his recovery, and the ongoing pursuit for justice at these pages.

After the incident, Nic told reporters that he was working as an English teacher at a school in Lamphun. On the night of the shooting, he was in Chiang Mai visiting friends, and they were drinking at a roadside bar off Nimmanhaemin Road. The shooter, who was visibly intoxicated, began harrassing women at the bar, including the bartender’s girlfriend, before being confronted by the bar owner and bartender. They became physical with the shooter when he continued to provoke them, and some patrons from the bar, including Nic, helped the drunk man get away from the situation and into his car. An American expat, who was friends with Nic, gave the man his shirt to wipe his blood with, and told him to go home and sober up. It is believed that the man did indeed return home, but only to fetch a gun, before driving back to the bar and opening fire on the bar’s patrons. Nic was shot along with a Korean teenager and the bar owner – all three survived. The shooter then sped off amidst the screams and panic from the bar’s patrons, including from those who had previously helped him.

After spending a few months at Maharaj Hospital in Chiang Mai, Nic doscovered that the shooter had stopped paying his hospital bills. Since then, Nic has been paying out of his own pocket for his extensive medical care, as well as from donations from friends, family and organizations. He currently requires weekly physical therapy, and fears that if he leaves Thailand for better healthcare in his home country of Canada, his court case will not move forward, and he will never see justice against the man who paralyzed him.

To learn more about Nic’s story, donate to him or show your support, visit the Justice for Nic Brown Facebook page and his Go Fund Me page.