Camping has become even more popular this winter

 | Wed 13 Jan 2021 09:41 ICT

While there has been some fear across Chiang Mai over the past ten days of a new surge of the virus as the number of people who tested positive rose by a dozen, many are heading out of town and away from any possible exposure, turning camping into a mainstream activity.

This past weekend saw many people heading to Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park in Fang, whose peak at 2,285 metres above sea level, stands second tallest in Thailand.

There are various nature trails across the park, and the 3.5 km climb to the mountain peak saw a steady stream of people throughout the weekend.

This national park which borders Myanmar has an area of

327,500 rai and covers many districts to the west and north west of Chiang Mai. While there are some preserved areas of the park closed to the public, there are many other destinations which are drawing the tourists – nature trails, mountain tops, hot springs and waterfalls.

Anyone wishing to camp at the park has to inform park authorities as well as check in with the Chana application.