Campaigners Continue Fight Against Scar of Doi Suthep

 | Tue 19 Jun 2018 07:49 ICT

CityNews – The anti-judicial housing campaign has filed a petition regarding the construction contract that has been delayed.

On June 19th, Teerasak Lubsuwan the campaign coordinator of the ‘group against the scar of Doi Suthep’ filed a petition to Court of Appeal Region 5 regarding the judicial housing contract that has been delayed. The ongoing saga of the fight between Court of Appeal Region 5 and Chiang Mai people seemingly came to conclusion on April 6th when the Prime Minister Office gave an order to transfer the ownership of the land to the Treasury Department and to restore the land to the forest. The transfer was scheduled to take place on June 18th when the construction contract ended.

Teerasak stated to the press that this is not the first time that the contract has been extended. The contract was originally due to complete in August 2015 but it has been extended for another three years.

The Chiang Mai people are demanding the judicial officers clarify the delay and whether the contract will be extended again.

The campaign has also asked people to move out from the residences, following official orders from The Prime Minister’s Office. Teerasak stated that the campaign will not force the officers to move out immediately but ask the judicial officers to provide clear details on eviction date and procedure.

The campaigners have put up signs reading ‘no man’s land’ at and around the Judicial residences, saying that time is up.

The working committee on returning the land to the forest has reportedly notified the Prime Minister’s Office about the delay and is planning another survey.