Call centre scammer arrested for swindling nearly 2 million baht from victims

 | Thu 3 Oct 2019 14:29 ICT

CityNews – Police announced the arrest of Sorawisit “Pu” Jittiang, on October 3rd following a court order charging him with embezzlement using false identity. It was revealed that he is a member of a call center scamming gang.

He told police that he would obtained contact information from the gang and then would call people claiming to be an officer from Siam Commercial Bank. The victim would be requested to disclose their OTP code on the grounds of an alleged security protocol. He would the use the victim’s code to register for the SCB EASY application and remotely withdraw the victim’s money.

Police revealed that he has victimised 34 people costing them a total of 1,867,921 baht in damage.